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Show Time!

What a night!

We where already to go at 7.30pm, cast pumped ready to go – when BOOM!

We won’t be starting until 9.30pm when the delegates have had their banquet, this as you can imagine went down like a lead balloon, I was afraid we were going to have our very own lynching to the sound track of “Mob Rule”.

Thankfully everyone was fantastic about it, and the show went on at 9.30pm.

The delegates loved it, standing ovation at the end, the cast and crew where just the business, Simon and Frogg rocked.

Because we had over ran by a few hours the Chapel on the stroke of 11.00 burst into life, trying to convey sorrow over Mary Jane’s brutal assault to the backing track of some techno music was challenging to say the least – But we all managed to step up and get through it.

Many thanks to our singers, Ali, Caroline, Ray, Sophie, Mark, Natasha, Amanda, David and to Nikki for their performances, Ruth for all she has done managing us, Paul for helping us shine, Simon for his Riffs, and Frogg “what are the white notes for” Moody for his handling of the sound.

We can all have a well deserved rest and catch our breath before we meet up again on Wednesday for a run though and then three more nights at the Chapel bringing “Jack The Ripper” back to the stage.

Jack is Back!