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Bridge Of Hope

Welcome to brotheldom….

Rehearsal footage from Dress Rehearsal Friday 7th Nov 2014


A Sister of the Abyss

Sister of the Abyss, call a spade a spade I say, she was sad broken down tart….

Footage from Dress Rehearsal Friday 7th Nov 2014

Whitechapel Whore

She was a Whitechapel whore, well they all were weren’t they?

Footage from Dress Rehearsal Friday 7th Nov 2014

Rehearsal Time Again

Good to see everyone in fine form last night, sorry we could not have a rehearsal with full on sound, but Chapel double booked with a folkse band, which we managed to over come even with out mics.

We have an audience, not great numbers but an audience all the same. See you tonight from 6.30pm for a sound check before 7.15pm.


Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper

Self Promotion

Spotted this lot outside the Chapel last night…

Jack Poster Advert

Rehearsal Footage 20th Aug 2014

Here is a speak pick at our rehearsal on the 20th of August, features new singers and guitarist…

New Singers & Songs

Rehearsals are going well for the show in November – we meet every Wednesday evening at the Chapel Salisbury, where we go through the songs, these are preliminary rehearsals before we start the major rehearsals in September.

We have several new singers on board with the old favourite songs plus for this year new songs, one of which is called “Old London Town” by Frogg Moody and Alan Marsh.

I will post some images of the rehearsals soon…..