Yours Truly Jack The Ripper is written by Frogg Moody & David Taylor and performed by the Midnight Theatre Company.

“Yours Truly Jack The Ripper” is a spelling-binding recreation of London’s darkest, cruellest most notorious ex-resident, an enchanting fusion of Rock Opera, ensemble physical theatre, and eeire historical fact.

Long before Damian, Freddy, and Hannibal Lector, a real life monster lurked unhindered in the shadow of Whitechapel.

What is not in doubt is this is a serious rendition of a story too often obscured by sensationalism and junk conspiracy theories. The truth is riveting enough, and the music manages to heighten that effect instead of trivializing it. For those who are fascinated by this shadowy historical figure, ‘The Midnight Theatre’s production is a refreshing change of pace from the usual pulp approach to this subject.


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